Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Wacky Bird Progress

As you can see I am making some progress on my Wacky Bird block. The bird is done and now I am working on the branches and leaves. I am still irritated by the lack of good value changes for the legs, tail feathers and orange face piece. I need to remember to pay closer attention and check my fabrics before I go to the work of using them. Must keep those value finders handy!

Suzanne Marshall's applique method also has us outline each piece in embroidery thread so I am hoping that will help. Will have to choose the right thread colors to make it happen though.

Here is a close up of the eye. I chose to make it from two fabrics to give it a little more dimension. I first made a circle on the purple fabric with my circle template, cut it out leaving about 1/8" seam allowance then appliqued it onto a large piece of orange fabric. When the purple circle was finished I took a my circle template and laid it over the appliqued piece and chose a circle a little larger on the template, centered it and marked it on the orange fabric. I then cut out the orange circle with a small 1/8" seam allowance and appliqued it down.

I have 3 different circle templates that I have purchased at Hobby Lobby or other places that sell drafting and art supplies. When you have to draw a circle it is much easier to find a corresponding size on one of these templates and trace inside the pre-cut hole than to draw a circle following a traced circle on a piece of paper. There are registration marks on them too so if you have to line them up vertically or horizontally you do this. Very inexpensive to buy and I would be lost without them.

I do want to point out a couple of points in my outside circle. I tried real hard to keep my curve smooth but when I was finished I noticed these points.....oh well. They are not huge points so maybe the embroidery will cover them up.

Had company over the weekend so am recovering, doing laundry, etc. to catch up. We seem to have lots of company over the summer every year. We do enjoy having people come but I never get the things done that I think I will.

Enjoying tomatoes that my friend gave us last Thursday and the 2 doz. my sister brought this weekend. Our tomatoes are so slow ripening this year, think it was the cooler than normal weather we have had plus the lateness they were planted. John and S. planted my garden for me late last spring since I couldn't do it because of the foot surgery I had.

The foot is better but not completely back to normal now. I have been wearing only flip flops with lots of cushion all summer as the arch of my foot is still swollen some and my regular shoes are too tight on my left foot. I have occasionally worn them for short periods of time though. Not sure what I will be doing when fall and cooler weather comes though.

Happy Quilting,


Elaine Adair said...

Somewhere I remember a suggestion in using your Pigma Pens to dot, dot, dot lightly, on fabric that was not quite contrasting enough. That might an idea here. ??

However, your work is extremely GOOD, so don't stay awake worrying about it.

Kathie said...

when that happens with me I take my toothpick thats a little damp and stick it in where those pesky little points are and keep smoothing out the bump
lots of times it works, give it a try!


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