Thursday, August 20, 2009

Wacky Bird

To answer Elaine's question, yes these are all batik fabrics in the Wacky Bird. I like working with batiks because they are more tightly woven and don't ravel as badly as traditional fabrics. They also are thinner so it is easier to make sharp points as there is not as much bulk to turn under. Some say that your stitches show more on batik fabrics but if you are careful with your stitching the applique looks good and no stitches showing.

I only got the rest of the leg appliqued last night plus two pieces of the wing. Didn't get started until late and there will be no stitching this evening as I will be at my quilt guild meeting.

Our August meeting is always so much fun as we take a summer break and I have not seen most of the members since last May. We have a pot luck supper planned this evening then our program is on making scrappy quilts.

We are going to be collecting food for the food bank again this year and tonight we are to bring vegetables. Of course you can bring anything you want but it is nice to have a suggestion. The food bank weighs the food each month that we bring in and the total for last year was 436.5 pounds. That is a lot of donations for a group that usually only has 20 at each meeting.

Tomorrow 3 of us are taking our quilts to the State Fair to be judged and displayed when the fair opens in a week or so. I only had one quilt to take this year as most of my time this past year was taken up with making donation quilts - 2 for the quilt guild, 1 for the Nebraska Cattlemen's Ball, 1 for the NSQG auction at QuiltNebraska and 1 for Project Linus, quilts collected from NSQG members and donated to children in need.


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