Thursday, October 1, 2009


I am loving my iPod, my birthday gift from John. I mentioned that I carry my cell phone and other necessities in my fanny pack while I am driving the tractor and this is one of my necessities! I have it turned on while I am driving back and forth from the combine to the trucks and while I am waiting at the end of the field. I do turn it off when I am driving beside the combine being filled and when I am unloading on the trucks. I don't want to get distracted and those activities take all my attention.

I like to listen to audio books and have loaded several I downloaded from LibraVox, a website where you can download books or listen on line for free. The books they have are older books in the public domain but are still fun to listen to. There are lots and lots of titles to choose from but right now I am listening to "Alice Adams" by Booth Tarkington. It is an interesting book and the reader is good too. Some readers are better than others of course.

I listen to books when I sew too and listening to a book makes house cleaning not so bad!



FLO_rancher said...

My radio works only on one side of the Ipod would be perfect. Don't you truely enjoy those tractor hours to plan and think about peaceful.

tich said...

I listen to audio books as well when I am sewing. Thanks for the link to LibraVox. I usually get mine from the library.


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