Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Finally...I'm Quilting

The quilt is pin basted and I am now quilting it....FINALLY! For a little quilt I am sure taking a long time getting it finished.

I have chosen to use YLI silk thread for the top and change the thread colors on different areas and I am using Bottom Line thread by Superior Threads of a green color for the bottom of the quilt.

I have decided to make a practice quilt sandwich to start quilting each session to get back into the groove and to also check my stitches to hopefully avoid some errors. Will see if that helps.

Stitched around each of the basket of flowers, added texture on the basket and echo quilted around the motif in the center oval. A little wobbly on my echo quilting but am going to leave it. Quilting parallel lines is really not as easy as one might think. Of course working on a small scale makes it a little more difficult too. My lines are only 1/8" apart.

OK, do you remember in the last post what I decided to quilt in those 1/2" borders? Well, when I started stitching I quilted a little different design. It wasn't that I changed my mind, but when I started quilting I went the wrong way on the first few circles and didn't even realize it. When I did realize it I paused....looked it over and decided it would be the design for those borders as I was not going to rip it out. Think it works just as good as the original plan so don't know why I worried about what I was going to put in those borders as it turned out different than the plan anyway.

Until Later,


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