Monday, November 8, 2010

Marking Borders

I had the whole miniature basket quilt marked several days ago with the exception of those two 1/2" borders. I just didn't have any ideas so went to the internet and typed in border quilt designs in Google then looked at photo after photo of quilted borders. Every time I saw something interesting I tried to sketch out a variation that might work on my tiny borders. Of course when I am thinking of a 1/2" border I know the design will have to be pretty simple. After all how much stitching can I do in only 1/2"?

I have this June Tailor grid ruler and used it as a quick way to mark 1/2" lines on my paper to sketch my border ideas. So far I have not used it to mark a quilt but now I can say I have used it at least once. Someday I will mark a quilting grid on a quilt with it hopefully or I can just use it to mark parallel lines quickly!
Filled the paper with practice borders then sat back and decided what I wanted to use. I liked the one that looks like  Ls or loops back and forth across the width.  It looked easy to stitch and not too complicated.

I marked the oval border in equal divisions and made sure that my loops would connect up correctly where they meet. I did draw each of the small circles  and a few of the other connecting lines to give me something to aim for and to help keep the designs the same size.
The straight borders were also sectioned off and I figured out how I was going to make the transition around the corner so now am all set to finish layering the quilt and begin stitching.
Happy Quilting,

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