Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Bag/Purse Zippers

I have been using quite a few zippers in the bags I have made recently.  Zippers can be very expensive but the ones I have on hand didn’t cost me a lot and I have a great supply right now.  When ever I am at a flea market,  antique shop, Goodwill store, etc. I look for zippers.  I usually buy all I can find and most are priced around $.25 each or sometimes as low as $.10 each.  Great price don’t you think? 

When making a bag I just look through my drawer and find something that will work.  Some may not be as good a match as a new zipper but I think they work just fine and that keeps the cost of my bags a little lower.   Some of the zippers were taken out of clothing but are perfectly fine to use too.  I do like the ones that have plastic teeth as they can be cut down to the length I want more easily than the metal ones.  I don't worry about the length as they all can be cut shorter.

I am telling you this info on where to find them as I am presume you don’t shop at the same places I do …. sure wouldn’t want them to be all gone when I start looking again.


1 comment:

Nicky said...

I'm on the other side of the pond - is that outside your jurisdiction? I need some zips for an orange and turquoise beach bag I want to make...come and see I've just posted about it!


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