Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Farm Work

Recently as I was walking around the yard I looked across the road and saw our hired man finishing up fertilizing the ground that will have corn planted on it in the next few weeks so zoomed in with my camera and snapped this photo.  The tractor is pulling the fertilizer machine and two tanks of ammonia fertilizer.  The fertilizer machine has flat metal iron pieces called knives with hoses attached that cut into the soil and inject the ammonia into the ground.  The tanks being pulled behind the fertilizer rig hold the liquid ammonia under pressure which turns into nitrogen in the soil then the corn plant uses it to grow.  A simplified explanation I know but after all it is just a photo of day to day life here on the farm.



Betweens said...

I think this is very interesting since I don`t know much about the farming life...thanks for sharing I learned something today

Elaine Adair said...

It may be plain old farm life but it sure is a pretty scene in that photo. 8-))


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