Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Beaded Beads for Paducah

IMG_1772I have had these beads finished for several weeks but didn’t want to show them on my blog until now.  Why you ask?  These 5 beads are gifts for our hostess and the gals I go with to Paducah, Kentucky to the AQS quilt show .  Another reason is that one of my sister’s reads this blog and I wanted the beads to be a surprise. 

The tubular beads are made by stitching one bead at a time over a drinking straw.  They each start with 12 beads in the first row and each row after.  I use a variety of sizes and types of beads.  The twisting look comes from off setting the color one bead on each row.

This other bead is made as a triangle with Delica beads size 11.  One tip of the triangle is bent over and stitched to the main body of the triangle using a large bead as a spacer.  My friend oohed and aahed over one I had like it last year so I made one to give to her.
I am posting this on Wed. the day we arrive in Paducah and the day I present them to everyone.  Now you can see them today too. 

It is a little strange talking about being in Paducah when in fact today, the day I am typing this blog post, is over a week before we leave….hope I am having fun!


1 comment:

shannon said...

i love those beads! i am drooling over the lime green one!

good job! lucky receivers!

have fun in paducah- stay dry :)


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