Thursday, April 28, 2011

Black and Lime Green

(Disclamer...I wrote this post before I went to Paducah and am just having it posted today....sure don't want you to forget me while I am off having fun at the quilt show.)
On a whim I purchased a yard of these three fabrics on Saturday two weeks ago when I was in JoAnns.  The lime green really caught my eye and found two blacks I liked with it.  I am thinking of making another bag/purse with these.

I liked using the cording so much on the black and wine colored bag that I think I will use the lime as corded trim and maybe other spots of color on the outside then use it for the lining of the bag too.  I have not settled on what kind of bag to make yet but am toying with the idea of having one with a flap like the messenger bag I made - you can see it in this September 18, 2008 post.  I will be making it smaller than that bag though.

I have so many bags that I really like that I change more often now.  I had changed bags and gone to town last week to get groceries and when I went to check out I didn't have my check book so ended up using my cash instead.  The next day I was looking in the zippered pockets and found the checkbook.  I had forgotten which pocket I put it in.  I guess zippered pockets are OK if you remember what you put in them because sometimes it is out of sight out of mind for me!


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Catskill Quilter said...

This is my first visit to your blog! I think it is sweet that you are keeping us entertained while you brave the floodwaters in Paducah. I like these 3 prints together, and I am in love with the black and white on the left -- distinctive! Sure hope you show us your bag when it is completed.


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