Friday, April 22, 2011

Iris in Beads

These last couple of weeks have been wonderful in that I have been able to stay home.  I amIMG_1801 no longer going to physical therapy and don’t seem to have any meetings taking up my time so have had time to finish up old projects and start new projects.  I have shown you “Sweet Remembrance” my miniature quilt, I have shown you two new purses/bags I have made and today I am showing a wooden needle case I have finished beading.

I started beading it last last spring and had it about half finished when I got busy and put it away.  The beads are stitched around the wooden needle case in a peyote stitch with Delica size 11 beads.  Peyote is an easy stitch to learn but the pattern for this iris was awful to follow.  The iris flower was to have 5 shades of purple but the pattern which was a photo was so hard to distinguish between colors I only used 4 shades.  It looks good but was very tedious to stitch because of the pattern.  I certainly won’t be making another from that pattern.
I do like beading and plan to do some other projects as time goes by.  If you have not done it before and think it is difficult to do with these tiny tiny beads you will be surprised at how easy it truly is.  The beads are tipped onto the needle then stitched or woven to the one below.  When I first saw items beaded with these Delica beads I thought you had to pick them up with your fingers and place them on the needle and I knew that would be very tedious so was pleasantly surprised when my friend Fay taught me how to bead and I learned otherwise.  There are lots of free videos and tutorials on the internet to learn how if you are interested in giving it a try.


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