Monday, April 4, 2011

Pink Poke-A-Dot Bag

I have been working on making a couple of new bag/purses the last week or so since I IMG_1415finished making Sweet Remembrance.  I started out with the Belle pattern by my friend Geta Grama from Romanian Quilt Studio.  I made the Amelie bag last March and you can see it here on this post.  They are both great patterns.   I chose a pink poke-a-dot and green morie upholstery fabrics, plus the green and pink trim.  I machine quilted the poke-a-dot fabric in a feather design and the green fabric in a diamond cross hatch.IMG_1467

This time I wanted a smaller purse so reduced the Belle bag by 75% for starters.  I did take more out of the width of the pattern too….in hind sight this was not a good idea.  I don’t mean the shrinking the pattern but the extra 2” I took out of the width.   OK, here is the bag as it was originally made.

The outside front has two pockets – love the curved look.  This came straight from the pattern but I did change the backside by adding another pocket to hold my cell phone.  I used the trim on either side of that pocket.  There is a zippered pocket at the top that came straight from the pattern. 
Now take a look at the finished purse/bag.  See how narrow it looks at the top?  Way, way too narrow so guess what I did?  I took the entire thing apart and remade it to more my liking.

First I quilted the strip then trimmed it down to 2” and I quilted strips for the lining too.  I then cut the front and back purse/bag sections down 3” shorter than I originally had cut it.  I also straightened the sides of of the purse (it was tapered before)  then added the strips to the straightened sides.  This made the whole purse a little wider.  You can see the zippered pocket in the lining on one side and the pocket on the other side.  I stitched Velcro onto the strap and the pocket as I just hate it when my precious stuff falls out of my purse!
I really like the way the bag turned out as the proportions are better now.  If I wouldn’t have taken that extra 1in. pleat out of the original 75%  pattern I probably would not have had to do the remodel job on it in the first place.   Another thing I did was stitch the top trim down to 3/4”.  I really like this shoulder bag a lot now. 
Happy Quilting,

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Geta Grama said...

It looks great, Lynn! The small pocket on the back is a great addition! I love the two color strap! You made a great messenger bag.


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