Saturday, June 30, 2012

Clumsiness Has Struck Me Again

I have never clamed to be graceful and I have proved it over and over again during my whole lifetime.  I won’t go into all my awkward moments where I have fallen, walked into things, or tripped up but there have been many.  This time I didn’t trip, I didn’t fall, I didn’t bang into anything.  Here is the photo of my boo boo.IMG_8920Now to tell you what I did.  Remember I told you I cleaned out a closet where I keep some of my sewing supplies?  Well, I had a small wooden dresser in there and was moving it around and dropped it on my bare foot.  I was surprised it hurt so bad and didn’t look at my foot right away and when I did, I knew why it hurt.  The dresser was one of those small unpainted kind that I got in college and it is pretty light weight, especially with the drawers out like they were that day.  Basically I just dropped it when I was trying to fit it into the closet space and one corner landed on the top of my bare foot so now I have puffy purple bruise.  I know….what a klutz I am.  If I would have been smart enough to wear shoes I would not have injured myself but I pretty much go without shoes all summer long and flip flops when I go out.

Maybe I will be more graceful from now on but am not counting on it as it is just probably in my nature!


Anonymous said...

You might try a soak in epsom salts and warm water. Worked wonders for me. Took out all the blue and yellow and the awful soreness.

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Oh my goodness, about all I can think of to say is, "Ouch!!!!" I can imagine what you might have said when it happened. :) Are you sure there aren't any little broken bones in there? I run around barefoot all summer too and drop things on my feet or stub my toes or step on small, hard items. In the winter I go through lots of socks because I don't wear shoes inside then either.

Gisela Suski said...

Sorry about your accident, it happened me and I have broken my toe at least 5 times, the epsom salts sounds good.


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