Sunday, June 24, 2012

Machine Quilting With Glide Thread

IMG_8722I had heard wonderful things about Glide Thread by Fil-Tec and read what quilting celebrities were saying and wanted to try this thread.  (Celebrities like Karen McTavish, Ronda Beyer, Gina Perkes and Nebraska’s own Judy Woodworth who won the machine quilting award at the AQS show at Paducah this year to name a few.)

As I said I wanted to try it but have not found any local sources of the thread and could not find any place to order just one spool.  The only place I found it online was at their website Bobbin Central and they required a minimum order of $35.  I emailed the company and got a prompt response from them.  They graciously sent me a sample spool of white Glide thread and a couple of their Magna-Glide bobbins.  There is a small magnet on the end of the tube the bobbin thread is wound on and that keeps the bobbin from spinning too fast and backlashing I guess.  The trouble with those bobbins is that they won’t work in my Bernina 730  machine as it has a spring inside the bobbin that interferes with the Magna-Glide bobbin.IMG_8720I  can see why quilters rave about this thread.  It is 100% trilobal polyester which means it has a great shine.  I loved stitching with it, no tension problems and it made a beautiful stitch with my machine.  I could have kept stitching and stitching with this thread.  It is a 40 wt. 2 ply thread and is rather soft feeling, not as stiff as the Isacord.  Another perk is that it is very reasonably priced too.

Other information on this sample – Bamboo batting by Fairfield, Bottom Line bobbin thread by Superior Threads, Size 12/80 topstitch needle, BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator.)

My problem now is to get the thread when I want it – I will never order $35 worth of thread at one time since the majority of my quilts are small and would want to get the smaller spools 1000m vs. the large cone 5000m.  Does anyone know of a source to buy one spool at a time either online or here in Nebraska?  I can’t see why it is not sold by the number of spools you want with each order instead of a minimum order.
Again I do want to emphasize that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE machine quilting with this thread.



Geta Grama said...

Thank you Lynn for all the information. It's the first time I hear about this thread. I have to try it.

Elaine Adair said...

Thanks for the tip, Lynn. So many choices, so much $$$, so many ideas, etc. I want it all!

Robin said...

Jackie at A Quilting Place in Omaha sells Glide thread in the large & small cones. She'll be glad to help you!

quiltonia said...

Lynn, Material Girl in GI has Glide, too. It's closer than Omaha. Toni in GI

Bouts Choisis said...

This series of posts has some very useful info - Thanks! I've not heard of Glide - one to look out for.


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