Friday, June 22, 2012

Quilting with Isacord

IMG_8717This sample was stitched with Isacord thread, a machine embroidery thread.  I used it on my panel challenge quilt but it was black thread on black fabric and a little hard to see.  Click on this link to read what I wrote about it then.

Isacord is a polyester thread and it is shiny so adds a little shine to the machine stitching.  I can’t find any thread size on the spool or on the Isacord webpage but would say it is a little heavier than the Invisafil  and silk but not as heavy as regular sewing thread….tells you a lot doesn’t it?  When I tried to untwist the thread I am guessing it is a 2 ply thread.  This information would be helpful if it was on the label wouldn't it?

It was fairly easy to sew with and I would use it again. I did have some problems with it wanting to twist up or look a little knotty between stitches...maybe it is the color as black threads as a rule sometimes present some problems because of the heavy dyes used to make the color.  The thread buildup from going back over a line was not hard to stitch through and probably a lighter color would not stand out so much as this black does on the gray fabric.   I sure would like to try it in other colors as well.  I think Leah Day from Day Style Designs and the Free Motion Quilting Project blog only uses this thread for her free motion quilting.  As a side note – check out her blog and website as she has many, many free machine quilting filler designs with short videos showing how she quilts them.

This thread is not super expensive and a lot comes on each spool-this small spool has 1000m.  I have seen it in many shops that carry embroidery supplies at least here in Nebraska so it is readily available.  I really liked the plastic snap closure on the bottom of the spool as the thread can be captured and not unroll and make a mess when not being used.

Other information on this sample – Bottom Line by Superior Threads for the bobbin, Topstitch size 12/80 topstitch needle, Bamboo batting by Fairfield (it is soft and performs like cotton and is easy to stitch through),  lowered my top tension a little from 4.00 to 3.50, used my BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator.)

Think that is it for this sample.



SewCalGal said...

Really looks nice.


Barbara Sindlinger said...

I just quilted a whole quilt with almost all Isacord thread. I use it when I really want the stitching to show - decorate stitching. Plus in the border, it's the only thread I had to match.

Leslie McNeil of MarveLes Art Studios said...

I's a great sample! And Isacord is very economical; here in Great Falls I believe it sells for about $6 for that 1000 meter spool.


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