Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What To Stitch When I Want To Stitch

What do when I don’t want to stitch on any existing project, have you ever been in this situation?  This was the problem I have had lately.  I still wanted to sew but didn’t want to work on anything I had already started  and didn’t want to start anything complicated either but came up with a project that did spark my interest.  Can you guess what I have been doing?IMG_8689I have a collection of threads probably like most of you do if you have been a quilter for any length of time.  I have some threads that are intended for embroidery, regular stitching, quilting, and so on.  I have been reading that you can use what ever thread you want to machine quilt and quilters are recommending all brands, weights and types of thread.  This makes it difficult to decide on a thread choice for machine quilting when I get so may choices and recommendations.

I decided to start stitching up samples using the different threads in my collection.  Most of my samples use cotton batting and I am also using up small pieces in these thread samples.  I am stitching different quilting designs using the threads.  At first I cut up solid fabrics I had on hand but have also purchased some more solids as I used up what I had pretty quickly.  Solids show the stitches better than patterned fabrics.

I used a permanent pen to mark the information on each sample.  Here are the things I noted on the samples;
1. Brand, Weight, Color of Thread
2. Batting if known
3. Machine needle size
4. Stitch length if using Bernina Stitch Regulator
5. Tension number
6. Bobbin threadIMG_8694On the back of the samples I noted observations about the thread and how it stitched for me.  I am hoping to store all my samples together in a easy to access place, am thinking of a plastic tote devoted just to my samples.  I want to be able to look them over to help me decide what thread or weight of thread I want to use on future projects.  I used this project to also try out new quilting motifs or to practice some that I have used before.  This first sample is kind of a hodgepodge of designs but I got more organized on the samples that followed.

This first sample was stitched with Invisafil thread by Wonderfil.  It is a 100 wt. thread so is a very fine thread.  At first I had trouble with the thread breaking but after I loosened the tension it worked great.  I would use this on a quilt that would not take a lot of use like wall hangings or miniatures.  It reminded me of stitching with silk thread as it has a sheen and is so fine.  I am not sure it would hold up on bed quilts.  Has anyone used this thread to machine quilt with?

This sample was stitched on my Bernina 730 with the Bernina Stitch Regulator foot,  Bamboo Batting by Fairfield, 12/80 topstitch needle and default settings for stitch length and tension.

So far I am using Bottom Line by Superior Threads for the bobbin thread in all my samples.  Check back as I will be sharing my other stitching samples with you and if you have a thread you especially like for machine quilting please let me know and if I do not have it I might be able to get a spool to try.



Stitches said...

what a good idea, I will check back often to see what you have done with your threads. Do you use your BSR a lot?

QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Another good idea to file away in the back of my mind for "someday".

Carol said...

Wonderful idea!

Lizzie P said...

What a good idea! I do get sick of re-inventing the wheel!

Barbara Sindlinger said...

Love this idea.


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