Thursday, June 28, 2012

Quilting with YLI Variations and Coats & Clark Trilobal Polyester

IMG_8828I decided that quilting 2 thread samples together on a longer pieces of fabric would be easier than quilting each sample on a 12” square.  I marked the center of the pieces and so it was easy to quilt each thread in it’s own section.  The edges of the quilt squares are the hardest to quilt so I eliminated two of the edges by using the longer pieces of fabric.  I did cut the sample into the two pieces after I was finished though.IMG_8888This first sample is stitched with YLI Variations thread.  This is a 2 ply 35 wt. 100%  polyester trilobal thread.  Trilobal thread has excellent light reflection so it is nice and shiny.  My thread was variegated in shades of browns and very lovely when stitched out.  The color changes in the thread are subtle and blend well from one to another.  I would classify this as a heaver looking thread when stitched...more on the Glide (reviewed on an earlier post) or the Coats and Clarks thread (shown below.)

My Bernina 730 loved this thread and the tension didn’t need to be adjusted.  I really liked stitching with this thread and would use it again.  I did like the cone it came on too as the bottom snapped open then closed to wrap the thread when finished, a nice feature to keep it from unraveling.  I did use Bottom Line by Superior Threads for the bobbin thread like all my other samples so far.IMG_8887The other half of that sample was stitched with Coats & Clarks size 40 wt. 100% Trilobal Polyester thread.  I purchased it from JoAnn Fabrics and it stitched out easily and it too had a nice shine to the stitches.  I would use this one again too.  I could not figure out how to secure the thread on the spool, the top ring moves around but doesn’t seem to work to secure it after stitching - does anyone have an idea what that ring is for?.

Again my Bernina loved stitching this with thread and I would classify it in the same category as maybe Glide.  Since it is easier for me to purchase locally it might be a better fit for when I want a thicker shiny trilobal thread.

These quilting samples are so much fun to do.  I am learning about the threads, how they behave and if I like using them and what they look like next to other threads of different types or similar types and weights.  I have used a lot of these threads before but never really analyzed them as I was stitching.  Stitching one kind/brand of thread after another also makes the differences more evident.

I am hoping to get better at machine quilting and stitching the designs I already know how to stitch and experimenting with stitching new or new to me designs.  Click on the photos to see the stitch samples in more detail.  These are just practice pieces so if I wobbled  or didn’t stitch the pattern correctly I just left my mistakes – why spend time ripping on a sample.  I am keeping it fun, fun, fun and so far it is.

Until Later,
PS....I forgot to say I used a size 12/80 topstitch needle, my BSR (Bernina Stitch Regulator foot) and cotton batting (I don't know what brand as it was an unmarked scrap in my batting box)

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