Monday, April 5, 2010

Jammer Boxes

I talked about these wonderful plastic boxes in a previous blog entry and told you I had not been able to find them for quite some time.  These are great boxes for holding thread.
A web friend, Tich from Island Hame Crafts sent me the following information and consented to let me post it.  I didn't know what the boxes were called before this - now I know they are called Jammers and might be able to get them again so I am excited about that.

She wrote:
"I copied the following from the Internet a while ago, when I read about the 'Jammers'. You seemingly still can get the 'thread' boxes."

"Hooray!  Walmart toy section has the plastic boxes back for the little cars again (they've been missing for several years).  It's the one that opens on each side and has 48  little compartments that are PERFECT for lots of craft bits and pieces! Jammers are in the Toy section of Walmart – where they have the Matchbox cars. Whew! I just checked a nearby WM and the cases are still in the regular place @ the regular price ($4.88 each), so I bought two more. I'm glad to see that they're still there.
They may have them but you don't notice them. They are often on the very bottom shelf or up above on the very top shelf."

"If your store did have them and they are being clearanced, then maybe consumers didn't show enough interest in them. If you don't support the product, then you won't get it."

"You can order the "Jammers" cases directly from Plano. You have to buy a case (6?) but even with the shipping charge, it works out to about $5."

Plano Molding Co., 431 E. South St., Plano, IL 60545,
toll-free (sales and service) 800-228-9868,
mon.-Fri. 7:30a.m.-4:00p.m. (central time)
Jammers are NOT on the website.
You must call and order model number 5315 (48 car garage)

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