Thursday, August 16, 2012

Moderation Changes

I'm sad...I had to add moderation to the comments you all make on my blog posts.  I have gotten spammed the last few days with several advertising comments so that is why I made the change.  Some time I may go back to the comments being published immediately but for the time being this is how it is going to have to be.

To make this a little quilt related here are two simple quilted pot holders I made yesterday for gifts from old denim blue jeans and a square of pretty fabric.  I have had my grand kids make these they are so easy and have a tutorial HERE if you want to read the step by step directions.  I did cut this one larger than those directions though.  (Denim squares 9 1/2", cotton print fabric 8 1/2" and batting 8")
This isn't the best photo as I just snapped it with my cell phone but you get the idea.  The denim edges have been clipped but the pot holders need to be laundered to make them fringe out yet.These stitch up quickly and make great gifts and are easy enough for kids to make.



Deborah Celtic Heart said...

So sorry you have been spammed. This happened to my small blog some time ago and I've left the comments to be moderated ever since.
Well, I guess I can add potholders to the ever increasing list of things to do with the 40 or so pairs of denims I've got stashed in my sewing fabrics. Old denim never dyes . .

Carol said...

I'll give those pot holders a big 'thumbs up!' My granddaughter loved making some last summer. Thanks again for your tutorial and help. I have mine out on my kitchen island every day.


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