Monday, August 27, 2012

Wholecloth Silk Miniature–Background Quilting

I sure like the new background filler stitched for the second time and it looks so much better than the squiggly stipple that I ripped out.  I first outline quilted the motifs 3 rounds then made concentric shapes of various sizes to fill the rest of the area.  This was a fun easy filler and I do like it a lot – will pencil it out  soon so you can see it batter.  The spaces are small between the quilting lines and by comparing the quilting to the bobbin you can see how small.  These photos make it look like the tension is off but it is a trick of the light and the shine of the silk fabric and the way the camera captured it.  In reality the dark green silk thread has good tension.  I do need to work on keeping my spaces more even across the quilt but for now this is just fine the way it is.IMG_9359The border feathers and flowers were quilted next with the same peachy/orange YLI Silk thread (#100 size) thread as the center motif.  I did the same background quilting on both sides of this border that I used in the center.IMG_9306Uh Oh…a boo, boo that is going to have to be unstitched- that is a nice way of saying ripped.  I was stitching along, happy as could be then thought the sewing machine sounded a little different so stopped to take a look.  The backing fabric had not stayed stuck to the wool batting and curled up to get stitched where it should not have been.  The spray basting didn’t hold the outside edges very well for sure.  Will be rethinking that choice for future quilts.

Again the clip on magnifying glasses help to see to remove the offending stitches.  Those tiny stitches can be so hard to see.  I shorten the stitch to 1.8 on my Bernina so they are pretty tiny.

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Happy Quilting – Lynn


QuiltinLibraryLady said...

Beautiful already....can't wait to see it finished.

Judy Dietrich said...

I really like your color combination on this mini quilt top. Those look like tiny-tiny stitches!! How much fun.

Lizzie P said...

Lovely quilting, Lynn. How annoying to have to unpick it! Just bought some spray adhesive the other day on a friend's recommendation but will bear your experience in mind! Wonder if it's worth doing just one line of basting right round the perimeter of an item ... what do you think?

Embroidery designs said...

So lovely quilting.Really, I like it.


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