Tuesday, February 4, 2014

A Friend Indeed

  • A year or so ago a very good friend mailed me a couple 3” friendship blocks each week.  They were such a nice thing to look forward to when I was dealing with treatments for a health issue.  It was so nice to get the special envelopes with the blocks as they really gave me a boost.  They are cute little things aren’t they?IMG_6180It took me a year to come up with an idea on how to put them into a quilt.  I know, that is maybe a way of saying I am just slow, but I really did want the right design to show off the blocks.  I will reveal the design later on another blog post but first I will show you what I did to the blocks.  I decided to reduce the yellow a bit on each of the brightly colored Friendship Star blocks.  I added the triangles of the light blue fabric with the tiny bright stars to each of the corners and did it the easy way by starting with squares.
The squares needed to be cut 1 1/2” to fit the corner.  I pressed each square in half diagonally then stitched along the fold line after they had been laid on each corner like in the photo.  The next step was to press the square back over the corner then trimmed the underneath block and excess light blue fabric away to get rid of the extra bulk those layers of fabric added. IMG_6178All 16 blocks had the corners added and were ready to set into the design.  Come back again to see what is next.

Until Later,

1 comment:

Jeanna said...

A very sweet gift from your friend and I love the little extra touch you gave each block. Everything matched up perfectly.

Can't wait to see them all together.


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