Saturday, February 22, 2014

Quilting Friendship–Part 3

IMG_8063Quilting borders is next and wouldn’t you know, I decided on grid quilting again.  What is wrong with me?  I persevered and free motioned them and left the squiggles in the stitching….wouldn’t you say this adds character?  These lines I did mark with chalk and if you notice the grid in the yellow parallelograms they were marked too with a blue water removable marker.  I found that it was easer for me to free motion straight lines that were marked rather than going from dot to dot marking.IMG_8869Feathers again on the triangle border.  Have you noticed I am quilting some parts of the quilt with red thread and some with yellow thread?
The wide border has an undulating feather quilting design.  This one was fun to quilt as there weren’t so many traveling spots like the small feather motifs.  On this border I just marked the center spine and started quilting, hoping the feathers would stay somewhat the same size and shape.  I did practice on paper again to see how many feathers I wanted in each dip of the spine and to practice I wanted to do the corners.IMG_8092Until Later,

1 comment:

Virginia said...

I've enjoyed seeing your progress on the quilt. Your designs choices are prefect. I need to practice quilting feathers. Great job.


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