Friday, February 28, 2014

Friendship Quilt Near Disaster

IMG_8157When I spritzed the quilt to remove the blue wash out marker I didn’t know I would have a problem until the next morning when I looked at the quilt and noticed this red friendship star bleading….wowzer!  It bled into the yellow and really looked hideous.

Tried washing it with mild soap but it was not budging the stain.  I remembered using this other product once and it worked to remove another bleed so decided to use it on this quilt too.  It is Carbona Color Run Remover.  I do want to caution you right now that it will remove a color run but much more too so be warned!IMG_8944I followed the directions, except the part that says to test it as I didn’t have any of the red star fabric here to test and figured it would be just fine.  Ha! It removed the stain and while it was wet looked perfect, just what I wanted, but the next morning after it was dry I was shocked to see this red star and another one that had a bit of bleed were really faded, almost to an orange/brown color.  The one purple square close to this red star was also faded to a pale pinky lavender too.  It may have changed the dark blue a bit but that was not really as noticeable.  I was sick. IMG_8884 Permanent marker to the rescue.  I used a  Pigma brush marker in a red color to carefully color in the red stars and a purple to color in the purple square.  The color of the red stars did not come back to what they were before the mishap but are so much better than the orange/brown look to them.  The purple fabric was variegated so just darkened the darkest area but this created another problem with the purple.  The purple marker also colored the yellow quilting thread in that purple square so I ripped it out and re-stitched it.  I left the dark blue fabric alone.IMG_8938 What would any of you done to remove the color?  What works for you?  I had the Shout color sheets for the wash but since this was already stained and dry I didn’t think that would work to remove the red stain from the yellow.

There is just a bit of color run left next to this red star and the red stars will never look like they did but I am not touching it with anything else and not trying to do anything else with it....ever.  I will get used to the "new reds" and after a while I probably won't even notice it.

Live and learn,


Lisa said...

Oh, I'm just sick for you! You certainly used a lot of flexible thinking to solve the problem, though! :)

Suzzy Q said...

Makes you wish everyone would wash their fabric before using it ... but it was a loving gift so you worked around it.


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