Thursday, February 20, 2014

Quilting Friendship–Part 2

IMG_8169The friendship stars were fun to quilt and the feathers make them look like they are spinning.  No marking the feathers this time either but again I marked the sections with a chalk line to keep my motifs where I wanted them.  I don’t want you to think I just started quilting these feathers without practicing or knowing where they were going.  I drew out the 3” friendship stars on paper and practiced with a pencil and refined the motif until I liked it then drew it several more times to give me some memory of the motif.  I also would glance at my drawing occasionally as I was stitching them to make sure I remembered.  Drawing quilting motifs helps me figure out the path I need when I stitch too.  IMG_8186The yellow parallelograms I free motion quilted the lines that were sometimes straight and sometimes not.  They were shorter lines than the ones I tried quilting in the square so were a bit easier…maybe.   I did decide to leave them just the way I quilted them; trying not to be such a perfectionist is hard.

In the tiny 1” light blue triangles I quilted 3 loops, another pseudo feather or part of a daisy, and sometimes they are nice and smooth loops and sometimes a bit wobbly, sometimes fat and sometimes skinny.  You would think free motion quilting on a small scale would be easier than quilting large but you have to make your movements small too and sometimes that is difficult.  I decided not to rip any of them out unless they were really bad and like a lot of things when you are not looking close up and concentrating on how even they are they don’t look so bad.
The side triangles and corner triangles I treated like the framed squares with the feather motifs.  This quilt, although not too large is taking quite a bit of time since I am quilting it so heavily but I am enjoying the process and like the results.

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