Friday, February 7, 2014

Piecing Friendship Part 1

IMG_6484My first idea was to set the friendship blocks on point and piece an alternate block of a bright colored fabric square surrounded by dark blue fabric.  I only had this much planned out but liked it so stitched it together in diagonal rows.IMG_6486IMG_6485I chose bright colored fabrics to coordinate with the friendship blocks I received for my alternate blocks.  I wanted the star blocks to stand out but a solid fabric in that space was just too much color if I used the bright fabrics or too dark if I used all dark blue so split the difference and used both.  IMG_6504The photo makes it look skewed but that is just the angle I took the photo I guess because it really is square at this point.  I started piecing this quilt the end of August working slowly as it has taken me months to get it finished.  This has been one of those quilts that I have thoroughly enjoyed working on, planning and contemplating each step of this quilt.

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