Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Quilting Friendship–Part 1

IMG_7319I love feathers…I can say that again…..I love feathers!  Every quilt I make it seems like I just have to quilt feathers in it then struggle with the parts that don’t have feathers. 

As you can see I struggled with free hand stitching the grid.  I ripped it out several times before giving up and changing the quilting plan.  Straight line stitching on a domestic machine can be challenging without the use of a walking foot or regular foot, at least for me it is.IMG_8178Back to my old standby… pseudo-feathers.  This was much easier to quilt and went a lot faster as well.  These were stitched free motion with only a chalked line drawn on the diagonals to help me keep each quarter of feathers contained.  The blue border around each of these squares has fat feathers that encircle the center square.  Making the corners turn flawlessly was a challenge too so I ended up drawing each corner feather and eyeballed the ones between as I quilted them.

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