Saturday, July 19, 2008

Fabrics for Miniatures

I am taking a break from sewing to show you how much I have gotten done on the miniature. So far I have been making pretty good progress on this miniature even with all the breaks I take. The log cabin blocks are finished and the 3 trees are stitched and I am now working on two wandering geese strips that will be used as side borders. I hope to get the star done today as well.

When I paper piece I starch my fabrics pretty stiff using a spray starch and really like using batik fabrics since they seem thinner than other fabrics. I can get some color variations with the batiks over using solid fabrics too. I have to watch pattern in the fabrics I choose for my miniatures since the finished pieces are so small. Obviously large designs just don't work unless you can fussy cut out a portion for color. An example of that would be the petals of a flower can be cut and stitched into a small miniature and the fabric will look like a small print or solid fabric in the finished quilt.

I got out of mowing this week - yay!!! Since it rained and my husband didn't have anything pressing as far as farming goes he did the mowing today. I asked him kindly yesterday if he could do that and didn't get any answer but after things dried off this morning I heard the mower going.

This time of year is especially bad for me outside as I am allergic to corn pollen and right now the corn has tasseled and the pollen is thick in the air. I have enough trouble after I mow anyway with the dirt that gets stirred up and then add the get the picture.

Back to the machine to sew, sew, sew!


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