Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Ta-Da-Drum Roll

TA-DA - Drum Roll!!! I got my miniature quilt done last night around 11:30 pm. Was taken away from working on it by watering my flowers and garden, general household stuff and a friend stopped in to visit for about an hour in the evening or I would have been done by late afternoon. I was determined to get it finished last night no matter how tired I was. As you can see I added another folded strip of the gold fabric just inside the binding - it only peeks out a little less than 1/8" but like the way it pulls that gold through the whole quilt.

This second photo shows the size of the elements in the quilt. It is hard to tell size or to visualize it but hope the ruler laid on the top helps. The quilt size is 13 1/2" x 10 3/4" and I named it Morning Star Over the Pine Ridge. The NSQG (Nebraska State Quilt Guild) challenge is called Stars Over the Pine Ridge so played on that name. When I first designed it I was planning on having multiple stars on a dark background with the trees but when it came time to find fabrics I couldn't get a good enough contrast to make the trees show up and after piecing one star I decided that would have to do - was really tedious. Putting a star in a blue sky meant I had to think of why it would be there, thus I called it a morning star.

By the way I designed it in EQ6. I love the program and it makes designing and printing PP patterns so much easier. I got the quilting design for the last border from a mini program called Quilting Designs that can be linked to EQ6. This design came from Quiltmaker 3. Could re-size it to the size I needed when used through EQ6. This was the first time I used any of the quilting patterns from the program and it worked great!

I used the stitch regulator on parts of the quilting and the walking foot on others. I can tell I need lots more practice using the BSR foot. Not quite satisfied with the stipple quilting in the center but am going to leave it for now.

Now to get my supplies gathered and figure out what I am going to wear and get it packed for the trip to Chadron tomorrow. I plan to leave here by 8 am so need to get it all done today. I will be taking two other friends so we will have a jolly time on the long ride out there.

QuiltNebraska is always so much fun I am really looking forward to it and seeing and visiting with my quilting friends from across the state. It is almost like a family reunion so many of us have gone yearly since the beginning. The quilt displays are usually just grand and it is always fun to shop at the vendor malls besides the wonderful lectures and classes.

Guess that is all for now - talk to you later when I get back after Sunday.



Linda said...

Lynn that is just awesome! Love it!

Geta said...

Lynn, your miniature is wonderful !!
I love the design of the trees and the quilting on the green border is perfect.


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