Tuesday, July 1, 2008

All Ready for New Machine

Today is B-Day (the day I bring my new Bernina home) and I am so excited. I am going to Lincoln to pick up my 730 machine and bring my new baby home. A quilting friend is going with me so we can talk quilting on the way up and back and that will surely make the time go faster and make it a pleasant way to travel too.

I have been working on getting some machine applique ready to stitch the last few days. It is the appliqued mystery quilt we had for our guild. It is way to busy looking and the applique doesn't add anything to the quilt but am going to finish it anyway but not sure what I will do with it when I get it done. It will be a good practice piece for the new machine. Think I will layer some other small quilts that are in my UFO box and practice quilting on them.

Got the sewing table cleaned off and ready to drop the new machine in as soon as I get home today. I know I will want to sew right away so got my yard mowed on Sunday, and cleaned up the house and did laundry yesterday too so won't have any of those nagging chores keeping me from my sewing.

I told my DH today feels like Christmas morning when I was a kid.

Happy quilting.


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