Thursday, July 3, 2008

Applique leaves and berries

I finally finished stitching the appliqued leaves and berries to this mystery quilt I started last fall when it was a project for our guild. Had one circle of leaves already done but had put it away for a while to do something else I guess. Pulled it out a few days before I went to Lincoln to get my new machine and started preparing the pieces I needed to finish it. Had all the parts glue sticked (is that a word?) down in readiness when I got the new 730 up and running.

I was rather slow getting all the pieces stitched down as I kept getting sidetracked with something new to learn or find out about the machine. Today I was determined to finish it and get the borders on it. I really don't like the way it turned out as the applique leaves are too much the same as the printed green fabric and don't show up as much as I want - just looks way to busy. When I chose those fabrics I just used what I had in my stash since I live about an hour away from the nearest fabric shop. I had already done the one set of leaves, etc and had to cover a hole I had accidentally poked into the light background so I couldn't take it off and start over. At one time I thought I might applique a vine around the outside edge but am not going to spend the time doing that now.

What I am planning now is to machine quilt the vine using the BSR. I love playing with it and can't wait to quilt an actual quilt with it. I don't have backing for this quilt yet so it will have to wait.

I started this blog the other day and got interrupted and never got back to finish it until now and it is Saturday night already. Don't know how Blogger will post this if it will post it for today or the 5th.

Let me see - what have I done since I finished the quilt....I have done some gardening, cleaning, cooking and laundry for starters. I am working on some coiled mats right now too. Will post photos later as they are gifts.

I did get my class assignments for QuiltNebraska and I was so pleased to get an applique class by Aie Rossmann. It was my most wanted class so was thrilled.

There were not enough sign up for the lecture I was going to do at convention so they had to cancel it. That is ok as I know those things happen. I did get to sign up for a class/lecture in that spot so that is a bright spot. I will be listening to Becky Goldsmith during that time slot and got another lecture by Marsha McCloskey.

I always enjoy QuiltNebraska so much each year and I would hate to miss it now. I have quilt friends that I only see once a year at QNE so look forward to wonderful catching up sessions. I have the same roommates each year and we have roomed together for years and years. I knew one of them from my high school days but met the other two through the Nebraska State Quilt Guild and we have all become good friends.

Another nice thing about QNE is that it moves around the state. Chadron is a favorite of mine - I love the Sand Hills. The college works hard to make the quilters stay comfortable and the town of Chadron is very welcoming.

Guess I had better post this as I am rambling and it is getting late.....


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