Friday, July 18, 2008

Aie Rossman class-QuiltNebraska

I did get the fabric washed and pressed for the Aie Rossman class I will be taking in Chadron at QuiltNebraska. I am so excited to get to take a class from her and learn some new tricks with applique. The photo on the right is the class project and the photo on the left are the fabrics I have chosen to work with (I think.) I have several other choices I plan to take along in case I just don't like these when I get there. You can see more of Aie's quilts on her website
Today I am working on stitching small (.75") paper pieced log cabin blocks. I am not working too fast it seems as I keep having to stop and do something else but did get those done and now working on some PP trees. If I work fast I may get the miniature wall hanging done for the challenge at QuiltNebraska. The theme they chose is Stars Over the Pine Ridge and my quilt will have trees and a star. Will take photos of what I have finished maybe tomorrow. Not sure I can get it done as we will go to our granddaughter's birthday party on Sunday and that will be an all day event since we live 3 1/2" hours away.
We got more rain last night so everything is really wet. It rained 1" last night and 2 1/2" on Tuesday night. When you live on the farm you are always aware of how much rain you get and it was so nice to be able to shut off the irrigation wells for a while anyway. The price of diesel makes running them very expensive so anytime we can turn them off is good and money in our pocket.
I should be out mowing but decided the grass could grow a little more - maybe I am just lazy or maybe I just want to sew! Maybe John will feel the urge to mow tomorrow morning so I don't have to. Keeping the lawn looking nice is not too hard nor time consuming but mowing all the other areas around the farmstead takes a lot of time and usually results in a dirty face and very hot body. Since I don't do sun well I have to wear long jeans and shirt plus wear a hat and gloves - all that can get pretty hot in the middle of the summer. I am reluctant to use sunscreen too much as I have developed an allergy to a lot of the sunscreens on the market. I have a couple I can use but don't use them too frequently as I don't want to develop an allergy to them too.
Back to sewing my PP trees now.

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