Sunday, July 13, 2008

Sewing with Granddaughters

This has been a hectic week as my two granddaughters came for a visit. They wanted to sew pillows for their rooms this year so I helped them make 4 patch pillows. They thought it was fun to use my new sewing machine and did a nice job getting them pieced. I also let them stitch their names on the backs of their pillows and they told me that was the Coolest! Have put a photo of them with their pillows below but blurred their faces. Just don't like to put them on the Internet for anyone to see but you can see the pillows they made.
Besides the girls staying from last Sunday until Saturday afternoon we had a cousin and his 5 yr. old son come on Thursday and leave this morning, the girls parents came Friday and left on Saturday and our other daughter and her sons came on Saturday and left this morning. Whew!!!!
I can say I am tired of company and tired of cooking. Have been wanting to sit down at my own machine and play this week but just couldn't. Seems like when ever I started doing something the girls would run in and call - - - Graaaaa....maaaaa! They brought their bicycles and did a lot of riding around the yard but poor #2 fell so many times on the rocks and scraped her knees 3 or 4 times. She is tough and didn't cry but it sure looked like those bloody knees hurt to me.
We packed in a lot of things this week, went to the library twice to check out books, went swimming, went 4-wheeling, etc., etc. I think I went to bed earlier this week than I have in a long time.
Hopefully in my next post I will have something to say about some project that I am working on but think this afternoon I may take a nap!

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