Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Nebraska State Fair Winners

You get a peek at a few of the State Fair quilts today. There were so many great quilts to see during the fair this year and I am glad I got two chances to see them. My photos of the best miniature quilt did not turn out so I can not show you it - rats. It was hung at an odd angle to take a photo but I am showing you just a few of the top quilts and some detail photos I took of them.

The first place quilt was made by Sandi McMillan of Albion. This magnificent quilt was judged "Best Over All Quilt" or Grand Champion quilt, "Best Machine Quilting" (she does it on a domestic sewing machine) and "Best Machine Appliqued Bed Quilt". Sandy is probably one of the State's best quilters and her work is always a treat to see. She wins prizes each year, very deservedly, and I hope she keeps bringing quilts to the fair every year so everyone can see and appreciate her fine detailed work.

This next quilt, also bed quilt size, was made by Kristin Vierra of Lincoln and was judged "Best Mixed Technique" and received the second place for machine quilting.

This large wall quilt (was the same size as the bed quilts) was made by Judy Woodworth of Gering. It had so much to look at including feathers attached to the top of the peacock. Her machine quilting is also magnificent. This quilt received the honor of "Best Wall Quilt" and "Reserve Champion Quilt"

This beautiful applique quilt was made by Donna Stenneche of Gretna. It won the award for "Best Bed quilt , Commercially Quilted". Wonderful applique and the border was beautiful.
Next I am showing you the quilt made by Peggy Bruns of Lexingtion. It won "Best Pieced Bed Quilt, Hand Quilted" and "Best Hand Quilting". This quilt is the raffle quilt for the Nebraska State Quilt Guild for this year and the winner will be drawn next July when we have our convention in Lincoln. Her hand quilting is so even and so tiny.
This wall quilt (quite large - about bed size) was made by Maralee Meyer of Milford. It was judged to be the "Best Wall Quilt Commercially Quilted" and also was selected as "Judges Choice". The fabrics chosen were bright and colorful, her piecing was perfect and the quilting was really nice.

This last quilt I am going to show you was also made by Sandi McMillan of Albion. It is a wall hanging about 25" square. Wanted to show some more of her wonderful quilting. This quilt got a 2nd place ribbon but won one of the special awards.

You will notice several other special awards on the quilt photos. Businesses, groups and individuals have set up awards for special things that vary from best machine and hand quilting awards to awards for best quilts made from poke-a-dot fabrics and quilts with a pig on them. Quilts can be entered in these categories as well as the State Fair categories and it gives each quilter another chance to win some extra prize money, gift certificates, or a special prize.
Yesterday I went to Lincoln to pick up my quilts from the State Fair and read the judges comments. Who ever the judge was hit the mark on my quilts and found everything I knew was wrong with them. She had some nice comments too. Didn't post the photos again as photos are already in some one or other of my blogs.
Since it was the first Tuesday of the month it was also Club Sew day at the Bernina dealer so didn't have to make a special trip to Lincoln for it this month. The gal showed several purses she made and told how she achieved the different details on the purses. Of course I had to buy a couple more feet and some more thread for my machine while there.
Need to get ready for the day now- enjoy the quilt photos. To make them larger just click on the photo.

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