Friday, November 13, 2009

120 Blocks Done

I finished making the 120 6 inch blocks for the Scrapaholic quilt this afternoon. I was determined to get them done. Next step is to start sewing sets of 4 together to make the 12" blocks.

This is how I had my sewing/cutting/pressing space set up to make these blocks. I have an adjustable 19" x 30" table that I set up beside my sewing machine. I cover half the table with my cutting board and the other half with my small pressing board. My chair can swivel so it is easy to move from the machine to the table and back again.

The nice thing about this table is that I can adjust the height and did set it up lower than my machine to make it easier to use the cutting board.

Here is what it looks like by itself without all my junk on it.

I flipped the table over so you could see the underside. There are several different places to put the leg bars to adjust the height. I got the table at Home Depot a year or so ago in case any of you were wondering. It is light weight and easy to handle too.

Happy Quilting,


Geta Grama said...

What interesting table !
I can't wait to see the blocks done .

Elaine Adair said...

YOU are a neat sewist! It's a pleasure just LOOKING at your neat space. I've ha that table in my hand at least 2 times at Walmart, didn't buy (yet).

The quilt is going to be wonderful. I've saved the earlier photo of Bonnie Kucera as it is so very enticing. Keep a'goin' - yours is looking absolutely wonderful!

paula, the quilter said...

I have that table too. It is just perfect to take to retreats to set up an "L" shaped sewing area like what you do.

Katie said...

Love that table! I need one! LOL


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