Monday, November 16, 2009

Sewing with Catalogs

Look closely at the photo below - it is the same one I posted a few days ago. Notice a couple of JC Penny catalogs? I suppose you are wondering why they are there, is that where I store them.....why, why, why does she have those catalogs on the floor under her sewing machine?

There is a pretty good reason I have them there and that is to rest my left foot on when I have my right foot on the sewing pedal. Before I used the catalogs the circulation would get cut off my left leg as the chair pressed against the back of my knee. I am not a short person but not tall enough to sit comfortably with the chair raised as high as I want it to be able to have my elbows the right height when I sew.

I have taken the rolling wheels off of the sewing table, put them on, took them off a second time and put them back on trying to get the height right but it was just too short without the wheels so I gave up for a while when this idea popped into my head. By the way, John had to help me with the wheels each time as the table is too heavy and awkward to do it myself. I didn't change the wheels right away each time but made myself try to get used to the new way and he didn't even grumble when I changed my mind over and over.

I do think I am going to wrap the catalogs with packing tape to keep the pages from folding and getting ripped off and to keep the two of them from slipping apart as I sew. I don't use them for what they were intended, besides they are probably outdated anyway.

When my 9 yr old granddaughter came I put the foot pedal on the catalogs and she said she really liked that as she didn't have to reach so far with her foot to sew. Another good use of the catalogs the way I see it.

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