Friday, November 27, 2009

Scrapaholic Blocks

A view of my flannel board with a few of the Scrapaholic blocks. These are the 12" blocks pieced from the 6" units. Doesn't the design look great with the dark and light fabrics. Love the look of scrappy quilts using value to get the design.

Since I am somewhat a perfectionist I want to pin the sections before I stitch them. I don't think anything is more boring.....snooze! I have found a solution that works for me.

I piece the 6" units together into pairs then stack the two units that go together to make one 12" block. I do a bunch of them then when I am watching TV at night I will sit and pin the sections together for that last seam to make the 12" block. The photo below shows a pile of pinned blocks ready for that last row of stitching. It doesn't seem like so much work if I am sitting in my chair watching TV while doing the pinning of the long seam and when I sit down to sew I can whiz through several and feel like I really accomplished something.

Happy Quilting,


dot said...

I love it!!!!!!!!!!!

Rose Marie said...

Great blocks and I, too, do my pinning in stages while watching TV and the blocks seem to come together all at once and that gives inspiration to make another batch.

Barbara said...

Gorgeous. You have such great value changes to highlight the blocks.


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