Saturday, November 7, 2009

Harvest Views

The other day we were combining on a hill above the river. It was nice to be able to look over the tiny town below the field and the river beyond.

We were combining dry land corn, which is planted a more thinly than irrigated corn. Some years these fields are planted to soy beans, some years milo and some years dry land corn. Since it is dry land corn it is not very tall but did yield pretty well.

The photo below shows the corn piling up in the bin in the combine. I will be driving along side John soon to have him auger the corn into my grain cart.

When I took this photo of John auguring the corn into my grain cart I just held the camera behind me and snapped a few photos. I couldn't look back as I was driving along beside the combine with my tractor but did capture the shot.

Another shot of John in the combine.

Here is a photo of the corn as it is feeding into the head - again the corn is thin and the tops were broken off in this part of the field too. The wind will sometimes break the top of the plant off with little trouble but the important part, the ear, is still on an upright stalk.

John approaching my tractor - you can see one of the lights sticking out from the side of the tractor. We did have a nice surprise that day as we were harvesting though. We saw a buck deer run in and out of the standing corn a couple of times before he escaped and ran across the road to the river. As many deer that live around here you would think we would get blas'e about seeing them but it is still a thrill to spot them so long as they don't dart out in front of the car on the road.

A little while later we saw a doe. In this photo she had just run out of the un-harvested corn and was looking back at John in the combine and didn't even see me sitting there pretty close to her. She too ran off to the river after that quick check of the combine.

Here's hoping for more sunshine as the weather is cooperating now. I have gotten a couple of days off as they had enough help without me so I have been sewing more of the Scrapaholic blocks. Felt so good to work at the sewing machine.


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Elaine Adair said...

Thank you Lynn, for these photos - I aways love the 'farmy' photos. 8-)))


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