Sunday, November 15, 2009

It's A Small, Small World

You know one of the parts I like best about blogging is to see where everyone that reads my blog is from. I attached two Widgets to the sidebar of my blog when I started blogging and check them about every day.

It is so interesting to see what countries or states people are from. The Feejit Live Traffic Feed is very interesting. Besides the information that is posted on the sidebar you can click on the words at the bottom that say "Watch in Real Time" to get more information.

I get a screen like the one below when I click to watch in real time. I can see where the person is from but no specifics so don't worry I can't track you down and don't know who you are either. I can see if visitors came to my site from another site, I can tell what time they arrived and sometimes when they leave. I also like the little flags - if I hover my mouse over the flag it tells me the country where the visitor is from as sometimes I don't know the particular city/country that is printed . Guess it is like a little history lesson and so exciting.

The other Widget I attached to my blog is NeoCounter. By the way both of these widgets are free and you can get them on your blog by clicking on the links on each and following the instructions. The NeoCounter widget I have set up to count how many visitors I have had and what countries. This keeps a continuous count so I can tell right away if I am checking it everyday if I am getting lots of visitors or not too many. I have been blogging a little over a year and a half and have almost 6000 visitors. Not a large number compared to some bloggers but enough that I am happy at least someone is looking at my blog.

It was kind of strange when I first started blogging I didn't tell anyone I was doing it for several months and still have not let all my family know I blog. Guess I have been kind of reserved and wondering if they think what I blog about is boring, badly written or braggy.

I joined QuilterBlogs and they post all the updates that members post and I get a lot of visitors through them. I check out the site too when I have time and scroll down and click on blog entries that I want to read. Follow several now that I have learned about through that site. This is a free site too and costs nothing to join.

I also joined another free site called Quilting Bloggers a site where you can look up quilters by country or by state. Nice to see who blogs in the same area as you and also fun to check out bloggers from another country.

The last quilt blog listing I check out periodically is Quilt Qua but it is just an alphabetical listing. I was thinking I joined this list but sure don't see Nebraska Views on the list so either I got taken off or it was never a list to join. It is a good list to browse and find interesting blogs to read though.

Was thinking this morning about how much our world has shrunk since the advent of the Internet. I wouldn't be corresponding with quilters from foreign countries let alone quilters from other states here in America without the Internet and blogging in particular.

Have to tell you a little story about my late father in law concerning this very thing since it was a memory about him that triggered my thoughts. The reason I was thinking about him this morning is that Saturday was the opening of rifle season for deer here in Nebraska and a young neighbor stopped in to show us the deer he had got early this morning. It reminded me of the early Sunday morning years ago when my father in law got a nice buck and was so tickled because it was also his 79th birthday. He got the deer early and he even made it to church on time. I came over right after noon to see his deer and to take a digital photo of him with it....he was just like a little kid at Christmas he was so excited. Anyway I took my camera home and sent the photo to his sisters on the west coast, nieces and nephews around the USA and also to his niece and family that live in Germany. This was not too long after we just got Internet and it was really new idea to him and my in-laws didn't even have a computer at that time. Around 4 pm I got a message back from the German relatives and a lot of the others so I printed them off and brought them over for him. He was amazed and kept repeating over and over and would bring it up for several years..."I shot my deer in the morning and relatives saw a photo and sent me messages in the afternoon and some all the way from Germany. "

I kind of feel the same way, a little amazed at what I write here on a farm in Nebraska is read in places far from where I will ever be able to travel or see. Will probably never get a chance to meet many of you face to face but you are as dear to me as my friends that live close by. I love to hear about other places far and near and get to know you so leave a comment and I will write you back.

Happy, happy quilting where ever you are.

Have to make a correction - just went back to the Quilt Qua site and found my blog listed on page 6. The alphabetical listing starts over on page 9 so I was on the first listing and didn't see it. You can send her an email if you want to be listed on this list - you can find the address on the home page.


tich said...

Hey, I feel the same as you - amazing, isn't it?

Elaine Adair said...

Funny about not telling everyone about your blog. One of the reasons I started my blog was so family members would stop telling me "You don't write us." You can guess the rest - NONE of my family reads my blog! humpffpfff! Maybe I should start including some gossip about them, and they'd read it. ???


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