Monday, November 9, 2009

College Football - Go Huskers!

What fun we had on Saturday night! We got a chance to attend the University of Nebraska football game against rival University of Oklahoma in Lincoln. The weather was just beautiful for a November evening with the temperature at the end of the game still in the low 50s. Nebraska won 10 to 3 so that was an added bonus.

It had been years since we had been to a game so it was a treat to sit in the stadium and soak up the atmosphere. Nebraska fans all dressed in red kept up enthusiasm by cheering throughout the game. Was really fun to see the band perform as my niece plays a clarinet and was out there on the field during half time and before the game started. We did see her as we had a pair of binoculars but with all the hats on the band members it was hard to tell which one was here until I spotted a very tall girl, then I new it was her.

Of course since the game started at 7:00 pm it was late when it got over. We had a long drive home and I am still trying to recover my sleep.

Today was a day at home for me again. John had to haul dry corn to the elevator most of the day and didn't get started harvesting until 6 this evening. It will be a late night for the guys.

No sewing today but catching up on things around the house. Still working on the 6 block sets for the Scrapaholic quilt when I do sew. I know, I know.....I am slow. I just have a hard time sitting and sewing for hours without a break but like the saying goes, slow and steady does win the race, right?


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