Wednesday, November 4, 2009

The Devil Made Me Do It!

We ate out at a local restaurant with a group of hunters and families on Saturday night which was Halloween. During the day I remembered I still had pieces and parts of costumes the girls wore when they were young so I found the box in the bowels of our basement. Dug out a pair of Devil horns I had made and attached to a headband plus a red Devil tail to go with it. I attempted to spike out my hair but wasn't too successful with that. I did apply heavy eye makeup which you can't really see behind my glasses either. Oh, well....I had a good time and it was fun. If I would have thought of it sooner I would have figured out something for John to wear but he was probably relieved I didn't.

I did get a new pair of glasses this last week too. The lenses are more square than the last ones I had and it only took a day to get used to the new prescription. My old glasses were really getting scratched so the new ones have been wonderful.


1 comment:

Geta Grama said...

It seems you had much fun !
Love your new glasses !


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