Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Beaded Pill Keeper

I have been working on beading in the evenings as I can do it sitting in my chair with a lapboard and watch my favorite TV shows. I am working on covering a squatty wooden container with beads and am calling it a pill keeper for carrying in a purse. I wanted to use the same dogwood design I used in the needle cases I made previously but the problem is that this wooden case has a larger diameter and is shorter than the dogwood design I used on the needle case so the pattern needed to be adjusted.

One of the things I discovered when Googling beading websites was beading graph paper for several different beading stitches that I could print out and color in with the design of my choice. Used the peyote design paper and the dogwood flower design and figured out the pattern for the size I needed. Of course I needed to string some beads and see how many I would need to go around the pill keeper, keeping an even count of beads, and estimate how many rows tall it needed to be then I was all set to space my flowers on the graph paper.

The penciled diagonal line and the small tick marks and small circle marks are added to help me keep track of the rows as I bead. I have a tendency to get lost and can jump up or down a row if I am not careful.

So far I have most of the bottom beaded but have not beaded the end yet. I do need to make sure I have beads right up the edge of the lid so I don't have a gap so when the lid is beaded I will add more rows to the bottom if needed then finish the very end.

The container isn't real big and will hold a few aspirin but I'm thinking it will be a lot of fun to carry in a purse.

The two photos below show the finished needle case and the unfinished pill keeper so you can see the difference in size.

Writing this later than I usually stay up but John and I went to the local cattlemen's meeting tonight and we didn't get home until 10 pm. It was the annual business meeting but one of the really good things about going to cattlemen's meetings is that we always have a wonderful dinner. They do have programs of interest to the members and keep on top of legislation that will affect our business so it is a worthwhile organization but the is always so good. Tonight it was a prime rib dinner....ummmm it was delish! I have my quilting organizations and John is involved in cattlemen's organizations on the local and state levels so we both have groups to keep us active and up to date on what is important to us.



free indeed said...

I read when you first made the needle keepers. I love your pill keepers too! So pretty!

tich said...

Your pill keeper is really pretty. I use a magnetic cross stitch board to keep my place on a pattern. I know you have half beads, but I put the ruler on the bottom line of beads, so that although the half beads are showing from the previous row, I can see the complete design row. Confusing, but it definitely works.


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