Sunday, January 17, 2010

Mr. Cat Keeps His Toes Warm

This is one of our farm cats by the name of Mr. Cat. I know it is not a very imaginative name but he got his name when we were working on the remodeling here before we moved in. Our granddaughters (aged 4 and 5 at the time) and their mother were with us in the pickup truck coming here to see the progress on the house. When we drove in the yard this cat walked across the yard and the little girls asked John what it's name was. Very quickly John just said "Ah....Ah....Mr. Cat" so that has been his name ever since. He had another name given to him by my in-laws when they lived here but guess he probably doesn't mind the new one too much.

Here he is sharpening his claws on the split rail fence. I took these photos last week and there was still snow and ice everywhere. The sidewalks were covered with ice even after the snow was removed so this fence was a nice place to hang out, survey his world and keep his feet dry.

Mr. Cat is not a young cat, we are not sure how old he is but has to be between 10 and 12 yrs. old. That is pretty old for a farm cat but part of the reason he is still here is that he was neutered when he was a year old so he doesn't get the urge to roam. When I say farm cat I mean he lives outside and sleeps in the farm shop or the barn. Most farm cats don't live real long lives or they decide to leave and go live at another farm so they just are only around a few years at the most. Mr. Cat is a great hunter too as we see him carrying his catch quite often.

All the grandkids love him but he doesn't like to be carried, he will allow them to pet him a little though then he is off on one of his cat adventures. Up until last summer he was the top cat on the farm but now Olivia, a long haired black cat, rules the farm. It doesn't bother Mr. Cat as he just stays out of her way and spends a lot of time on the deck or checking that things are OK around the shop or around the backside of the house.


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