Monday, January 25, 2010

One Beaded Pill Keeper Finished

The first pill keeper is finished.  I added a little design to the top and stripes to the side of the lid.  The reason....for the person using it to know which end was the lid of course!

The two photos below are side views of the pill keeper - one with the lid off and one with the lid on.  I used a two part epoxy glue to stick the beaded sections to the wood.  Just put a tiny amount on the very bottom and a few tiny dots of the glue around the top edge to hold it all in place.  The lid especially wanted to slide off so this hopefully will keep it together so none of the beaded parts get lost.

Am trying to ignore a job I have to do today - ripping some machine quilting out.  There isn't that much to do but it is oh so tedious.  I have found lots of other things to keep me busy up until now but still don't want to tackle that job.

Maybe I should just sit down and do some more beading so at least I can say I got something done today!


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