Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Quilting The UFO - Part 1

This is the design that was used for the trapunto areas on the UFO I am working on. I traced the design from the quilt top and made a stencel to mark other areas of the quilt with the same design.

I cut the centers out leaving just a little of the plastic to hold it together. Added some registrations marks to help with lining it up on the quilt.

Here is one of the designs marked on a non-trapunto area using the Clover white marking pen that can be erased with water. The pen is a ball point version so you can get a pretty fine line using it. It is a little tricky in that you can't see the marks right away but they do show up after a minute or so. It is easy to keep marking until they show up but that isn't necessary - patience will to the trick.

Whoa....I switched to the newer updated editor and am finding it a big pain so far. There is no spell check which is really bad for me since I am a notoriously bad speller, plus I am having trouble getting a cursor to show up below my photos so I can compose more of my message. After clicking and clicking where there should be a cursor I finally got one to show up. The new editor has some good features such as the ability to insert photos where ever you want in the text instead of all at the top but I have worked out a method to deal with that problem so think I will switch back until Blogger gets some of these things fixed or improved. (My method if you are curious is to load all the photos before I begin typing the text and to load them in a backwards order since they load that way into my blog. The last photo loaded will be at the top of the blog. I type my text between the photos and work my way down the post.)


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Geta Grama said...

Wow ! I use the same method to upload photos to my blog !
Can't wait to see your UFO finished !


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