Monday, January 18, 2010

Quilting Ideas Needed Please!

The borders are finished now on my Scrapaholic quilt as I decided to not put the other two borders on that I was originally planning. When I laid them out next to the quilt as it is now the border section just overpowered the center. The quilt now measures 79" x 90" - that's it! I really do like the red pieced border as it pulls the red color from the blocks. The red fabrics on the top have some bright ones there too but the photo just doesn't show them. I tried to distribute the different reds all around the quilt.

I just don't have a big enough wall to photograph the quilt so pushed the living room furniture back and laid it out on the carpet. I stood on a chair and held the camera up as far as I could, almost was at the ceiling, but the quilt is still quite distorted. At least you get the idea.

OK everyone....I need ideas on how to quilt it. The blocks are 12" (5 blocks x 6 blocks). Each of the little half square units are 2" - each 12" block has 48 pieces. The light blue border is 3 1/2" wide and the red is 5 1/2" wide finished. There is so much piecing with so much color in the blocks I just don't know what to do to quilt it. The border isn't as hard since I could do some kind of feathers there.

I will give you some help....I like to quilt feathers and most any other designs and can draw any design to fit if only I have the ideas. Am hoping some of you can suggest some ideas for me.....please.

I really think I am going to try to machine quilt this myself on my Bernina - that is the plan now anyway. I will baste it using Sharon Schamber's method using the boards. If you have not heard of her check out her website for a free video of this and lots of other free videos. As you know I am a big fan of her work and her videos are great.

OK...get your thinking caps on.



Elaine Adair said...

Oh great - checked in to see what OTHERS were saying ... LOL I'm first.

I see large dark areas (the dark quarter squares) that I would consider keeping as one unit, and the star, with the lights around it, I see as another separate area. Make any sense? I would definitely consider roundish, curling motifs, nothing straight, IMHO. It is stunning! Again, I've kept it as NEW so I can view it time and again! Definitel feathery type motifs in the border.

tich said...

How about doing continuous line quilting with your machine, instead of doing separate units. Sharon Schamber has got books out on this, and Shirley Thompson also does a few. The quilt is gorgeous! Love it!!

Linda said...

I love this quilt as well! You've done an absolutely beautiful job. I would recommend an all over quilting design because with all the colour not much else will show up anyway!
Lurking Linda

Andrea said...

What a gorgeous quilt - nice and scrappy - my very favourite. I'm not too hot on machine quilting. I either stipple or do straight lines - I must try something else - lol !!


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