Thursday, January 28, 2010

Quilting the UFO - Part 2

The lattice strips are being quilted with an undulating feather design. So far I am getting them all going in the right direction so the same lattice strips have all the feathers pointing in the same direction.

The only thing I am marking on these strips is the center spine. I drew the curve I wanted on paper then cut it out of template plastic so I could just use the white marker along the side and easily mark all the spines.

I find it is so much easier for me to stitch feathers with as few markings as possible. I like that the feathers are different sizes too so doing it free hand works for me. I do however have to have some kind of center marking or I really get them wonky and this center line keeps them looking somewhat alike even tho each individual feather is different from the next one.

Back to my old editor and this is working so much better for me.


1 comment:

Elaine Adair said...

What a nice job you are doing! So very pretty!


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