Friday, January 29, 2010

Quilting the UFO - Part 3

This 2" square was the hardest quilting design to come up with. I have since thought of something better but have most of those spiraling circles done and do not want to rip them. (The design I thought of later, too late to do of course was to take the center star design from the flower wreath I quilted in the larger spaces.)

OK, back to those spiral circles....I marked them with one of my circle templates and the white Clover marker then stitched around part of the circle then stitched back out in a spiral so I wouldn't have to tie off each design.

I have several circle templates I have collected over the years. This green one I purchased in the drafting area at Hobby Lobby. It has several sizes of circles and registration marks to help with placement. These circle templates can be used for any number of applications. I have used them for applique and quilting. I find it is much easier to find a circle near the size I want on one of my circle templates and draw around it than to cut a perfect circle out and trace around it.

This next one was also purchased in Hobby Lobby and has other shapes besides circles. Once I used it to make hexagons for a Grandmother's Flower Garden quilt in miniature that by the way is still not completely hand quilted yet.

This last one has really small circles and I got it in the tool department of some store - don't remember which one now. It's intended use is to size drill bits but works for the little circles I sometimes need.

Drafting and hardware stores are great for finding items that might be useful in quilting so don't overlook those kinds of stores for those invaluable finds. Besides it makes you feel good to find a new useful tool there.

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