Thursday, September 18, 2008

Purse Done And Ready To Use

The messenger bag/purse is finished and ready to fill. I think it was about 11 pm last night when I got it done but was determined to finish. I do like it but the big test will be when I load it up with all my stuff and carry it around for a while.

I quilted the front flap after I stitched the back and front together and put a little Thermore batting it to give it some dimension without adding any weight. My big thing with purses is to have the purse as light as I can as after carrying any purse for a while it seems to get heavier and heavier. I like the nice wide strap on this pattern too.
The flap is attached in the back in a way that it covers the back pocket.
My birthday is on Saturday and this is the year I have to renew my drivers license and I completely spaced it off until yesterday. Had to drive to a neighboring county to get it as the DMV is not open in our county on Thursdays. Got everything taken care of and my new license is in my billfold now. It is always a relief to have that over and I don't know why I worry about it as I have been driving a LONG time and have only gotten one speeding ticket in my life. The way they have it set up now is that you don't have to take the test every time like we used to but still I am relieved when I have that new license in my hand. I think the part I hate the most about getting a driver's license is getting my photo taken. The DMV photos are always so bad and I have to look at that photo for 5 years before I get a chance to have another one taken.

Quilt guild is tonight and I am on the serving committee for this month. Am taking some raw veg. and dip plus some peaches which I will slice at the last minute and vanilla yogurt as a dip for them. I just love vanilla yogurt and fruit - it almost tastes decadent it is so good. The Colorado peaches have been excellent this year and I have been eating them as fast as I buy them.
Until later....Lynn

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