Monday, February 6, 2012

Brown Bird Bag Strap

Since I got the new foot for my machine I am just thrilled to be sewing vinyl – no difference than sewing cottons with this foot.  I am making the strap from the brown vinyl fake leather.IMG_6439
I cut the vinyl 3 times the width of the finished strap and folded it in 3rds.  I stitched next to the edge then 1/4” away.  I want this strap to be adjustable so added 2 D rings to the end of a short piece of the strap.  This short end will be stitched to one side of the bag.IMG_6433I stitched under the end of the long end then added a loop at the end on the right side of the strap.IMG_6428The last step is threading the strap – the loop keeps the end from flapping when it is shortened.
One more step done – think the lining is next but I don’t know what fabric I will choose.  My drapery samples are not big enough so will have to select something else.

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