Saturday, February 25, 2012

Eagle Watch

eagle-12-02-23-dI have spent time lately watching the live Bald Eagle Cam of the nest near Decorah, Iowa where the same pair of Bald Eagles have nested this year.  The photo above I captured from the live video this morning and you can see it snowed overnight and was still snowing some yet this morning.  I believe this is the female eagle.  The female has sort of gray patches of feathers along her eyes and is much larger than the male.  The male’s head is much more tidy and he has an all white head.  His eyes are just a little different than the females too...told you I spent a lot of time watching this pair of eagles.  This is the male below.Untitled-6I will share with you how I got the photos of the eagles.  To capture a photo from the live video I first enlarged the screen by clicking on the dark rectangle at the bottom right of the live video screen.  See photo below.  This opens another window that is just the video.Print-ScreenThe next step is to click on the print screen button on your computer keyboard.  My desktop works a little different than my lap top so will explain both.  On the desktop I just click on the Print Screen button (will probably be in the top row of buttons – mine is on the top right hand side.)  On my laptop I have to hold down the FN button on the bottom left hand side and then click on the Print Screen button.  The Print Screen button is often times abbreviated to "Prt SC" if you can’t find it.

Step 3 is to paste the photo you just captured into a Word program or photo program.  I use Photoshop Elements where I crop it and sharpen it a little if needed then save it.  The close up photos were captured when the Raptor Resource people zoomed in on the Bald Eagle with their camera that is mounted in the tree above the eagles.  The amount of detail on some of the video is amazing as you can tell from this close up photo.  This morning they zoomed in on the female on the nest and were zooming in on the feathers on her back and you could actually see the eagle moving as it breathed.  Amazing to be sure!

If you stop in and look at the video make sure you scroll down and see what else is on the web page.  There is a Facebook site that has updated info, a Social Stream of chatting visitors, captured videos, info about eagle nests, young, eggs, etc.  I can spend a lot of time just watching and reading the Social Stream of chats and the other information on this website.  Eagle-12-02-23-mI am typing this post up on Friday night for posting on Saturday and the chatter is that if the female is going to lay another egg it will probably be tonight.  Will update you if that is the case.  As you can see from the photo above there are only 2 eggs in the nest right now.  This was captured after the male left the nest and the female came back to sit on the eggs so was uncovered only a minute or so.  The third egg was laid around 8 pm on Friday night.  Here are several more photos I captured during the day on Friday if you are interested in seeing them.
Take a look at the website ( )and you too might just become as addicted as I am to watching these magnificent birds.

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