Monday, February 13, 2012

Vacation Memories

IMG_6446Any spare time I have had in the last week I have been working on the photos from our trip to Hawaii…yes we went to Hawaii so if that is what you guessed you were right.  As you can imagine, we had a wonderful time and going to a warm place during Nebraska’s winter makes it even more pleasant.  This was a first trip there for both John and I.  We loved it and want to go back again someday.

We first flew to the island of Oahu for 3 days – toured Pearl Harbor, climbed Diamond Head (560 feet from the visitors center to the top…whew that was a climb), drove around the island, ate good seafood, spent time on the beach, etc.   I couldn’t get enough of watching the ocean and beaches, something we don’t get any of here in land locked Nebraska.

Flew from Oahu to the big island of Hawaii and spent the rest of our vacation there.  We have relatives there so spent the weekend with them in Hilo taking side trips out each day.  The last part of our trip we spent on the other side of Hawaii in a resort.  Again lots of ocean viewing, volcano, green sea turtles, whale watching, attended a luau to mention a few things we did and saw. 

If you are interested click on the following photos to see a few more of the photos we took…hard to believe we took over 600 photos but when you can take digital photos it doesn’t matter how many you take as you can get rid of the bad ones.  Don’t worry, of course I didn’t post that many photos here!  I do want to have a photo book printed of the trip so have spent a lot of time sorting and deciding which ones to use.  Now to get that part know I am holding myself hostage until I get it done as I won’t let myself sew until the photos are sized, tweaked and printed.  I am almost there now though.
I will be back to sewing soon – need to finish that bird bag, need to finish my challenge quilt and who knows what new stuff I want to start.

Until Later,


Quiltin' LibraryLady said...

Lovely pictures. Hawaii sounds good about now with the snow & cold here.

Becky said...

My husband and I wanted to go to Hawaii so bad this year, but it doesn't look like it's going to work out. We used to live on Maui, so it's nothing new to us. However, we've never spent any time on Oahu, so that's where we want to go. You are so lucky and glad to hear you had a great time!


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